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Lawrence R. (Larry) Klemin (pronounced "Kle-meen") is a Republican and was first elected to the North Dakota House of Representatives from District 47 in Bismarck in 1998.  Klemin is running for re-election in 2014 for his fifth 4-year term  to continue to represent District 47 in the Legislature.

During the 2013-2014 interim between the Sessions, Klemin is serving as Vice Chairman on the interim Judiciary Committee and on the Commission on Alternatives to Incarceration.  Klemin also represents the Legislature as a Commissioner on the National Uniform Law Commission.

When not at the Legislature, Klemin is a lawyer in private practice with the Bismarck law firm of Schweigert, Klemin & McBride, P.C. Klemin is also President of Litigation Services, Inc., a publisher of legal books and materials for lawyers, including Civil Practice of North Dakota - Second Edition - Forms and Trial Notebook. Klemin is the author of  "Small-Case Litigation Forms," a forms book for lawyers that is published nationally by James Publishing.

Keiser Kilzer Klemin were endorsed as legislative candidates at the District 47 convention on Feb. 10, 2014!  Rep. Keiser, Rep. Klemin, and Sen. Kilzer will seek re-election to the Legislature for another 4 years!

Keiser Kilzer Klemin Announce Plans for Re-Election in 2014 - See the Press Release

District 47 Republican News - January 2014

District 47 Boundary and Map   District 47 includes northwest Bismarck and part of Burleigh County

Status of the General Fund  OMB Presentation to the Budget Section Dec. 11, 2013

More About Rep. Klemin

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